Eaglehawk Neck

We rendezvoused with Halina at the top of the skinny bay on the Norfolk Bay side of Eaglehawk Neck. There are no other boats here, just a family of black swans and lots of pacific gulls. Dinner was at the Lufra Hotel which overlooks Pirates Bay on the Tasman Sea side. The food was great but the lovely harp and violin music was a little hard to hear over the raucous celebration of a 50th wedding anniversary and 70 th birthday combined. Hope I’m up for celebration like that in 15 yrs time. Today was a warm , blue, cloudless day …a definite T shirt day. We walked first to the tessellated pavement then to the other end of Pirates Bay to Dootown and the Blowhole. Many of the shacks have names like “Thistledoo”   It was a 5 km walk so the food van with local fish and berry icecreams ( not together. Fuelled up, we walked back along the deserted beach. Wild life tally : 3 cheeky seals following the fishing boats in,  dozens of oyster catchers and a dead penguin. 

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