We Should have been Sailing

My curiosity lead us the the grand sounding King George Sound and the little town of Murdunna. It was an ideal anchorage as the north wind was blasting. We should have been out heading south as we are today in zilch wind. Instead, a shore party checked out the General store and replenished the bread, milk and more importantly chocolate, I got heaps of knitting done, Halina got a suntan, Bryan watched 4 episodes of House of Cards and Dave and Susan exhumed my pressure cooker and cooked THE most super coq au vin. The town still shows the scars of the 2013 fires on the north side of the inlet and the only is quite muddy so not a great place for swimming. 

Today he forecast was for 10-15 kts NE NOT 0-5 kts so we’re heading to Barnes Bay under iron headsail. The price of sloth. 

Compensation.. dolphin watching in Storm Bay

Dead calm at the Iron Pot

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