Doing stuff in Robe

Yesterday, Don & I had another go at stitching the solar strip back onto the headsail. It took most of the morning . Gradually the wind crept up to gusts of 30 kts and the jib tried to escape. I had to spread eagle across it as Mel adjusted the restraints.

To escape the boat , I took the bike and rode to the back bocks to Mahalia Coffee Roasters. Outside, the building blends into its industrial setting , but inside is an elegant treasure trove of tea & coffee accoutrements, gifts, a coffee shop and the roastery(?) at the back. Suitably caffeinated, I set off to find the bike path around the southern coastline. Wind nearly blew me off the bike. There are plenty of signs warning not to go near the cliff edges and it’s easy to see why , if you walk along the beaches underneath. They’re limestone cliff and heavily eroded with caves and hollows.

The highlight of the day was dinner at the historic Caledonia Hotel which has been beautifully restored. It was very well patronised and it was lucky that Don had booked earlier. Unfortunately, you have to order crayfish early in the day if you want it for dinner, but the various meals we had were pretty delish.

The troops are getting restless but the wind has not no finished with us yet. Likely take off early for Portland tomoz . I’m hoping that the sea state is a little more settled too. Meanwhile, what to do? A swim, a bike ride, a rifle through the designer shops? Tough.

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