The Voyage to Hobart

From Quarantine Bay we motored to Kettering. No room at the inn! BUT we noticed a roped off area where repair works were in train. The edge was bare metal but we were determined to have a marina night … and have a farewell dinner at Oyster Cove Inn for David so we manoeuvred gingerly in. We did have a great meal. The hotel was not exactly buzzing which is a pity. It has a great outlook and lots of interesting sculptures. I think the liveaboards are not inclined towards gourmet dining. It was first, a holiday home for a Queensland pastoralist in the Great Gatsby days when there was only a beach. Now the marina is full. The Bay is full of boats on moorings. At 7 in the morning we were off into mirror seas and the workmen resumed work on the wharf. 

We motored , again, to the Quarries anchorage in Little Taylor’s Bay and spent a lovely day  walking the beach and spotting birds. The wind blew from the south which would have been handy if we were returning to Hobart . Most majestic were a pair of white bellied sea eagles. Halina got some great photos.. to be added. The limestone blocks from the quarries here were used for the lovely sandstone Italianate buildings of Melbourne. 

Well, blow me down if, the following day when we were returning to Hobart , the wind dropped to nothing. It was good however for seal spotting. 

One thought on “The Voyage to Hobart

  1. Some fantastic photos – even made me consider setting sail with you!
    Glad to see food features so highly – Karen’s paella amazing.
    Was the photo of you diving photo shopped ( it was you Sue?) – that was meant to be a complement


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