We Made it! phew!

We arrived at Low Head, at about 12:30 pm, which emerged through thick fog.. which made it an exciting approach. Bryan did an amazing job, backing it into the small floating dock at the Old Pilot Station. We are drinking Chandon and waiting for better internet reception to post photos. Thanks to the excellent crew of Mel, Karen, Denis and Annie. 

So far the list is:

1. Fix port battery charging thingie. Engineer informed me that the anchor winch, powered by the port engine, may not work.Mmm. Better eat my wheaties.

2. Thingie that secures the stb safety wire opening is missing which risks a MOB as a crew member steadies themselves by grabbing it. Hope Tamar Marine has this thingie. 

3. Figure out how to put up the mainsail without so much shouting. Marriage Savers ..where are you?

4. Download updated software for ancient chart plotter that “didn’t need replacing this trip”. COG direction lines disagrees with iPad navionics by 18 degrees. In the fog it was very exciting …were we heading for Hebe Reef in thick fog at the mouth of the Tamar or not? Fortunately not. 

Mostly motored across as no wind but better for stomachs and to see all the dolphins and penguins.

2 thoughts on “We Made it! phew!

  1. Congratulations on a safe first voyage ‘outside’, hope the sea state was kind to you all. The arrival sounds exciting – I find the scariest bit of sailing is when you’re near hard things that you might (sometimes do) bump into!


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