Across Backstairs Passagel

It’s a bit windy down here south of Adelaide. Blow a dog off a pier! The choice was to leave early and endure the end of the ebb against 15 kts in Backstairs Passage or leave late, have wind with tide but a bit more wind. It had been less windy overnight so the sea wasn’t up and the ebb in the SE direction through the Passage was easing so we left at 1000 hrs and our top speed over water was 11kts , the seaway a bit lumpy but our SOG only 6-7 kts due to the adverse tide. We prepared to come in to Wirrina Cove Marina and things got a bit unpleasant when the wind stepped up, we had no map of the marina and couldn’t find the designated berth, there were just the two of us and a lot of shouting which was promptly blown away by the wind! After 2 goes we berthed. It seems like the wind is funnelled down the valley into the marina. Handy!?

I believe there is a golf resort up the hill but the marina is pretty desolate, rocky and dusty and the cleats are a bit wobbly…LB says they’re fine mainly because the wind has us pinned on so we’re not going anywhere as yet.

Or tomorrow , if it continues to blow like this!

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