Penneshaw and Christmas Cove

Marnie and Lou, our very able and all round excellent crew , took off back to Melbourne and Birubi took off for a small ( first come , first served) marina at Christmas Cove near the town of Penneshaw. There seems to be only one couple on a fishing boat with their dog and the other boats are unoccupied. It is very sheltered so we were confident to leave the boat and hire a car for the day for a road trip. It’s a 150 km long Island so distance are quite significant. We headed to Seal Bay Conservation area and were able to see the sea lion pups playing on the beach, mothers suckling the pups and some big males scaring them.

They go to sea for 2-3 days , eat lots of fish then come back to lay around for 2-3 days recovering. This confirms my desire to be reincarnated as a seal, if that’s what happens.

We checked out the beautiful Vivonne Bay and campground at Harriet River ( a must do Avan destination) and had a brief look at the westernmost NP, Flinders Chase. It is huge and we couldn’t justify paying the park fee so retreated for to Kingscote and the pub overlooking the waters of Eastern Cove for fish and chips. I was tempted by the freshwater crayfish ( French call it Marron) but it was pricy.

Today, we walked in the Baudin Conservation Park to Ironstone Hill. It was 4 km return and Bryan conquered it. Wild life spotted were

– an enormous pod of dolphins

– wallabies and kangas

Unfortunately. we didn’t spot any Black Glossy Cockatoos which feed on the casuarina seeds and are endangered. The area is where , in the early 19th century a settler had a grain farm . Hardy fellow.

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