Cruise Down the Channel with Fish Kisser and Gourmet Chef

We have joined a cruise in company with the Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania (CYCT) south in the D’Enrtrcasteau Channel, between Bruny Island and the mainland. We started by puttering ( ie not enough wind) down past the suburbs of Bellerive and Taroona , Blackmans Bay and round the corner into the channel at Tinderbox. We spent a lovely night at Quarantine Bay in Barnes Bay, Bruny Island, where there is an historic Quarantine Station. Sock Knitting, fishing for flathead , being injured by indignant flathead ( running out of bandaids) , dreaming up and cooking gourmet meals , reading and fixing stuff were the order of the next day. In the evening there was a BBQ at the Quarantine Station with CYCT . The blokes availed themselves of free snags then returned to a gourmet meal of Miso Steak on our very own BBQ.

Then, yesterday, the wind was in the north and light and flukey but the spinnaker went up for a few hour . Unfortunately, it propelled us across the channel , not down it.                      It, apparently , looked quite impressive.

At least, we thought so.

We turned into the Huon Estuary and anchored in Randall’s Bay, where the ladies walked on a sandy beach and patted dogs. This anchorage was getting a bit of swell, which, of course, does not bother catamarans, but as the fleet otherwise was monos, Commodore Andrew found us another anchorage in the Cygnet Bay Area. It’s Copper Alley Bay and is also very pretty but a little bit crowded . A very pleasant sundowners was had with the cruise partipants on board Birubi ( what else are catamarans for but party boats). We met two couples from Hastings, also seeking lovely cruising grounds, who have joined the cruise and lots of lovely Taswegian yachties. The yachts are Patience and Opportunity

Eddy’s flathead were put to gourmet use when Karen whipped up this magnificent paella.

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