The Great trek to Cape Hauy

Fortesque Bay is a beautiful Bay near the southern tip of the Tasman Peninsula. Canoe Bay within it, is particularly well sheltered from most winds  and even the incoming swell if you anchor behind ” the wreck” . It was cloudy when we arrived and we were a little unsure of the depth so we anchored just outside the wreck and subsequently several yachts went right past and tucked into the SW corner . The swell, though, has been flattened by the brisk westerly. We enjoyed a layback evening surrounded by pristine forest and just a few mozzies. 

Today, in sunshine, we set off in the dinghy, across the big bay to the start of the Cape Hauy track. This track is part of the new Three Capes Walk, a 4 day walk , from White Beach near Hobart , to Fortesque Bay via Cape Raoul, Port Arthur , Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy. Camping is not permitted enroute, but one stays in Eco huts which walkers told us we’re very nice. 

The walk was very scenic. Fortesque Bay has lovely azure water in sunlight . We had some great views over Canoe Bay with Birubi holding fast (phew). The second part of the walk was the steep up and down climb out to the Cape. Near the Cape , the land falls away on either side of the track , huge pillars of rock coming up out of the sea or clinging to the land. Climbers were attacking one of the pillars. The wild life tally was 2 big black snakes, one wallaby and lots of sea birds. The track is of really good quality. The steps must have been hand made from the local stone as  it looked impossible to get machinery up there. 

We were all knackered and smelly but much nicer after a very quick swim and much , much better after an excellent BBQ orchestrated by Kathy. 

Dolphin Whisperers, thanks to Alan’s photos

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