Trials of Triabunna

The plan was to motor up to Triabunna and fill up with water at the wharf. The wind was gusting up to 25 kts and Gary, the new harbourmaster had assured us that he would help us along side. When we got there the wharf was chockas with squid boats from Victoria , the channel partly obstructed  at the new boat ramp, Gary was on message bank and we’d put the fenders and barge board on starboard. Bryan spied an empty berth to back into which required rapid fender rearrangement and we slipped in, greatly relieved. Gary informed us that this was a private berth for a shark boat and we could stay to fill with water…no worries. It did look different from the last time Kirra Kirra had visited , principally, the wharf being full, new commercial berths and digging in the channel that restricted access. Just a bit tight. 

John was desperate to stretch the legs and managed inthe short time to meet a crew from Flamingo ( a Morton Bay Cruiser bound for the wooden Boat Festival) , get coffee for everyone from the coffee cart, the paper and raisin bread. Unfortunately the mulberry trees in the campground were just a bit unripe! 

With a tense bit of manoeuvring Bryan got us out and back to Orford where we again anchored , nicely protected from the Unpleasant westerly. 

Knitting and navigating.

John toning up his biceps.

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