Rainy days in Launceston

Bryan did a great job of manoeuvring Birubi aft in, into a pen at the Seaport Marina Launceston. We left Rosevears at 5:30 pm to try to get high tide and no current at Launceston, and succeeded, but the gap between the pontoons is quite tight. Annie fended off with all her might , Bryan spoke loudly , I ran around like a hairy goat , securing lines, and a very nice man rushed to assist. 

The marina is right in Launceston , but only the pens on the river end of the 3 fingers are really usable for deep draft boats as , at low tide , boats further in sit on mud. You also need a high tide to get out into the river. 

Crew are leaving and new crew coming on board over the next few days. It’s pretty blowy out there in Bass Strait so we will wait patiently for a weather window before heading through Banks Strait. Goodbye and thanks to Karen and Mel. 

The coffee maker is unable to be resuscitated. 

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